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Single/ Double Hung and Sliding Door Hardware

Single and Double Hung Locks


Single Hung and Double Hung are windows that are some of the most common windows in the united states. The Normal Operation of these windows is Vertical, with either the top sash being fixed ( Single Hung) or the Top and bottom sash both moving ( Double Hung).


                                        Single and Double Hung Window Lock

These locks normally have Sash Catch or Cam lock; depending on the width of the window also determines how many locks it has. A Rule of thumb on this is a window that's less than 36" inches its one locks, if the bigger than 36" inch then 2 locks




Sliding Window LockSliding Windows Locks                

Sliding windows come in a variety of configurations, we will cover the most common one which is an X->O or O<-X. Sliding window work on the similar property as the Double Hung except that the window rolls on a set track and not a balance system. These types of windows also have a Sash Catch Or Cam Lock.


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